-By Rubén Martínez

Sharki: the Star Hunter

We begin the tutorials section with a little step by step painting process of one of our latest signings, Sharki: Star Hunter!

It´s an easy process to make your Storm Coast Marauders look amazing on the sports fields.




Miniature Painting Tutorial: Sharki Star Hunter

The miniature is supplied in a high quality resin that admits direct painting, but I prefered to prime with white spray because it allows forthinner base coatings.




I applied the base skin colour in thin diluited painting coatings, mixing green with a touch of orange.
It’s generally a good idea to change the color depending on the zone in order to accentuate some areas over others. I added more orange to the mix in areas like the face.




I started to apply lights adding yellow to the previous base skin colour. Again I used diluited painting to create smooth transitions. In some points we can add some touch of some kind of light flesh colour to the mix to give more variety to it.







For the shadows we progressively add red to the base skin colour. For the deepest shadows we can also use a drop of blue. I used a little bit of blue in the chest part and in the lips to give more colour variety. Again, I use very diluited paint to create those colour transitions.
I started to paint the armour parts in a dark colour to define the work made on the skin.




I started with the armour plates. I applied red as a base colour over the white prime making the red brighter.  A dark base coat will do fine for the metal edges because the metallic paint will cover this surface better.




The shadows on the red plates are made with a mix of red and touch of blue. I added more blue for the deepest shadows. Again, diluited paint and several coatings are the secret to create a smooth transition.




To simulate the surface of a lacquered armor, I drew thin lines of light with a mix of red and a little bit of white.



Sharki: the Shark Hunter miniatureSharki: the Shark Hunter miniatureSharki: the Shark Hunter miniature


Those were the hardest parts of the miniature. Finally we’ll just paint the rest of it by applying the same techniques explained before. As a special mention we detailed the armor with dents by making small lines and dents with metallic paint to simulate the wear and tear after having gone through many victorious matches.


We’re really happy with this miniature! If you like it, you can see it in our shop right here!