Bigchild Creatives is focused in the creation and management of complete projects. Being involved in every part of the development itself.

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Our resources is going from the art concept, illustration, sculpture (physical and digital), story board, graphic design, lay out, modelling of physical sculptures for casting in resin, plastic or metal. Everything under the supervisión of a high qualify and well known recognized team.

Our managers have worked for some of the most important companies in the sector for years. They know every necessary part of the development of a Project, and a constant supervision is done to achieve the expected quality parameters.

Also we are specialists in the production of resin and metal sculptures. In our team we have engineers and production and planning profesionals, focused on asure the fluence and the quality control expected from our customers in their projects.Endure


Our working process is oriented to quality, timing reduce, risks removal in middle process, etc. Definitively, making the management the easiest for our customers, centralizing the whole Project in a just single place.

Do you want to know in what we can contribute to your Project? Just show us your ideas and we’ll help you to make it real!