Bigchild Creatives is a young company placed in Madrid, and created almost 4 years ago.

After passing for some of the most important companies of the collection’s miniatures and board game’s sector, after winning some of the most important awards in international contests, the original members of the team: José Manuel Palomares, Ivan Santurio, Hugo Gomez Briones y Ruben Martinez decided to join forces to create a
fotobccreative studio to achieve any suitable challenge for their skills.

We really trust in a way to work, a decided compromise to quality and the creation of sinergies with our customers and our colaborators. This, among other things, took us to create our own resin casting. After four years of working and investigation, finally we can say we have finished our own development of a production’s resin system in miniatures, giving back what our customers demand from us. A good example is what we did with Black Sailors.

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Actually, the original members are focused in the different art departments in a team that is growing with very talented young people and recognized profesionals, creating a mix of illusion, talent and experience. That have give the company a higher level and you can see it in some of our projects and some more that is coming! But we can’t talk about that by the moment…
If something defines us over all is that we love what we do. We really love our job, because of that, every new project is considered as a new passionate challenge. That makes us to face every Project wih the higher expectation, in the search of a constant evolution and learning.

We have many ideas, and there are many projects we have in the ship’s storeroom that are coming out. So we have some propositions for you from here:

» Take your supplies, hold tight the oars beside us and came with us in a trip trough the ocean we have just started to ply. Wouldn’t be free of adventures and difficulties, but I promise that in this trip we’ll have many amazing places to discover.»