Ancient Britain lives in dark times, destined for an age of war and conflict. The pagan gods struggle not to die in oblivion in the face of the rise of a new religion. Arthur Pendragon, King, and Lord of Camelot find himself at a crossroads between love and honor, loyalty and his passions, the new faith and the old. Enter a timeless story, and live the Arthurian myth with his medieval miniatures.

Medieval Miniatures

These have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts alike, and the Echoes of Camelot line from Big Child Creatives is no exception. The miniature collection features 30-45mm resin figures that capture classic Arthurian legend characters in exquisite detail. Models include Sir Percival, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot du Lac, the Green Knight, Lady of the Lake, Grail Pilgrim, Merlin, Mordred, Uther Pendragon, Sir Kay, King Arthur Pendragon and Morgana le Fay.

Each of these medieval knight miniatures is a piece of art made from high-quality resin with fantastic features like intricate clothing/armor detail and detailed facial expressions that capture the essence of each character. Not only do these miniatures look stunning, they are also highly detailed and durable – perfect for game pieces and display pieces alike.

So if you’re looking to bring the world of Arthurian legend into your collection, then Echoes of Camelot is a must-have! With each miniature finely crafted and full of character, these models are sure to be the centerpiece of your medieval miniatures collection. Check out the full lineup of Echoes of Camelot models today! Some of the most popular figures are:

Queen Guinevere

This medieval miniature is perfect for any fan of medieval knight miniatures and is sure to add a unique beauty to your collection. King Arthur´s fierce wife has never looked better!

Crafted with attention to detail and precision, this beautiful figure portrays Queen Guinevere in all her glory. From her elegant dress to her detailed bow, it’s easy to appreciate the effort that went into creating this stunning piece. Not only does she look wonderful, but she also stands at a majestic height of 30-45mm, making her perfect for setting up as part of a smaller scene.

Sir Lancelot du Lac

Introducing the stunning Sir Lancelot du Lac, part of the exclusive Echoes of Camelot 30-45mm resin figure series. This beautifully crafted medieval knight miniature will add a distinguished flair to any collection.

The exquisite details and intricate design of this finely casted figure accurately reflects the legendary and iconic personality of Sir Lancelot in all his glory. From the detailed jewelry, majestic cape and pet eagle to the mighty sword of truth – this miniature truly captures the essence of a medieval knight.

Whether you’re a collector of medieval miniatures or just looking for an exquisite gift for that special someone, Sir Lancelot du Lac is sure to make an impression. So, take a journey back in time and add the heroic Sir Lancelot to your collection today!


If you love magical stories, you will definitely love Merlin. The powerful wizard of Arthurian legend has its own figure in this collection. Take control of Arthur´s mentor and protect the kingdom of Camelot!

Crafted with intricate details and with high-grade resin, this miniature figure is a perfect addition to any medieval knight miniature collection. The life-like nature of the Merlin figure is a testament to precision and craftsmanship, ensuring that it looks stunning wherever it’s displayed. It also serves as a great conversation starter – you never know what stories and memories this amazing figure may evoke! Get your hands on Echoes of Camelot’s Merlin miniature today and bring the medieval era to life in your home. It’s sure to be a treasured piece for many years to come.

King Arthur Pendragon

There is no complete medieval story without Camelot´s most famous king: Arthur! This hand-painted collectable is an ideal addition to any fan’s collection, providing them with a piece of history they can admire and cherish.

This stunning figure was inspired by the legendary tales of Camelot, and captures the spirit of King Arthur in incredible detail. From the exquisite armor to his noble bearing, this miniature is a true testament to medieval craftsmanship. It makes an elegant display piece and is sure to capture the imagination of fans all over the world.

Echoes of Camelot brings the legendary tales of Camelot to life, providing medieval knight miniatures collectors with a unique piece of history. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to add a unique and timeless collectable to their collection. Step back in time and bring home one of history’s most iconic figures with Echoes of Camelot.

Morgana le Fay

King Artur´s half-sister is definitely one of the most well-known characters of the Arthurian legend. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this figure is sure to add an extra layer of realism and charm to your medieval scenes. Her powerful magic will leave anyone who dares to defy her begging for mercy.

Morgana le Fay is an iconic figure of medieval literature, and the Echoes of Camelot team has done her justice with their lifelike miniature. From her intricate feather clothing to her delicate features, this figure could easily be the cherry on top on this collection – making it the ideal addition to any 30-45mm family.

Echoes of Camelot’s Morgana le Fay figure is the perfect way to bring a bit of history and magic into your medieval miniature scenes. Whether you’re a collector or an enthusiast, this figure is guaranteed to take your display to the next level. With such incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that Echoes of Camelot figures have become so popular amongst medieval knight miniature fans.