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Best primer for miniatures | ONE SHOT PRIMER – GREY

Self-leveling sandable primer solution in grey color, the definitive primer solution that covers in one layer for miniature painting.


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Grey primer

A grey primer can be applied as a single coat and is water soluble. A primer is nothing more than a bonding agent that allows perfect adhesion of your miniature paint.

In addition, it is formulated to work with a variety of surfaces and contains no toxic chemicals. Its high adhesion to photo etchings or resins makes it ideal for use as a primer for acrylic paints.

Also, the primer in grey lays flat and covers entire surfaces with a thin film. This high strength, resin-fused, photoreproduction primer is ideal for use as a base for acrylic paints. It can be dissolved in water and is safe to use on a variety of surfaces.

The best thing is that with this primer you can save a lot of time. Don’t paint on your dominant color with a brush, spray it on instead. Ordinary primers are specifically designed to go under the paint and regular color sprays are meant to cover a coat of primer.

By using primer sprays you can get your figures fully painted quickly. So if you want to create an army or other figures in series, this is your best option.

As a general rule, a neutral color is used for priming, black, white or gray. It can be another if you want, but these colors give you some margin to be able to correct mistakes in the first coats, what yes, the color should always be matte, because if you apply a glossy base is like painting on a wet glass, the paint simply does not adhere.

Grey primer features

The main feature of this product is that its high gripping power makes it ideal for handling small objects. In addition, this material dries quickly and can be easily worked with sandpaper after 24 hours.

On the other hand, it helps to keep each facet accurately leveled and does not require dilution for immediate use. This type of primer has a drip-count system inside the cap.


When we talk about best miniature primer, we refer to a product with which we can make a miniature primer. But now we ask ourselves, what is the purpose of the primer?

A primer is used to make a protective base on an object to be painted. In this way, it allows the surface to have fewer imperfections and gives it a smoother feel, which makes it easier for the paint to adhere better to what will later be applied to the miniature object. 

If we apply the primer in the right way, we ensure that the paint colours do not peel off and lose their quality on the object.

What are the surfaces that need priming?

It doesn’t matter if you are painting a plastic, metal, or resin miniature. Best miniature primer will provide us with the convenience of a universal surface on which we can start working.

Applying primer to an object will do no harm to anyone. Almost every surface that requires a coat of paint requires a primer coat. However, there are some materials that should be almost mandatory to use best miniature primer

If we want to make a miniature work with materials such as wood, metals such as steel or aluminium, plaster or ceramic tiles. The difference between the material and the primer coat will be fully visible.

And you, have you had the experience of using best miniature primer to paint?

Benefits of using Grey primer

Primer is specifically formulated to ensure the adhesion of the top coat of paint to the surface beneath it, giving the longest lasting and best looking finish.

In other words, primers are designed to perform a vigorous fill and bond to the underlying surfaces. These are some advantages you will experience when using grey primer in your creations:

  • 100% color matching
  • It is a versatile product. Its unique formula of this type of color primers is designed for metal, plastic, and resin miniatures.
  • It will give durability to the game pieces. So get awesome painted models on the tabletop and get ready for a great game.
  • It helps you save time and money, as you don’t need to use any more spray products. All you need is 1 color primer spray paint.
  • Serves two purposes at once, can be leveraged into a traditional primer and a highly pigmented color spray paint in one
  • It is acrylic and fast drying: all primers are acrylic based, matte and dry very quickly.
  • Excellent coverage, leaves a perfect full coverage finish on any surface
  • Adapts to any shade of paint

Why is it important to use Grey primer?

Painting miniatures for board games has been an established hobby for a long time, even before 3D printing became popular. Then, 3D printing revolutionized the hobby of painting these miniatures.  

It likewise revolutionized the techniques and materials that go into the procedure, with the aim of improving at every turn.

Therefore, a primer is absolutely necessary when painting resin prints. It provides a nice matte surface for the paint to adhere to, can fill minor imperfections in the surface of the print and makes the small details of a model stand out better.

So, this grey primer is a favorite among miniature painters. This is a simple, straightforward primer that creates a perfect matte surface and the neutral gray tone is a perfect base for any paint color.

For larger prints, a spray primer may be the more practical choice. Spray primers are useful for applying more even coats, but getting into very small spaces can be a challenge. However, it is not impossible.

You can paint your small figures without a problem, because they can be applied in two or three coats for best performance, making sure to let each coat dry before applying the next.

What happens if you don’t use Grey primer?

When timelines and budgets are tight, you may be tempted to skip a step, such as applying primer correctly.

However, the immediate impact on quality and the long-term consequences make the use of primer a critical first step in achieving a great-looking finish and beautiful, long-lasting results that will give you confidence for years to come.

Another disadvantage of not using grey primer is that the color may look similar, but it will not match the color shown on the paint packaging or color chart.

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