Instant Dry Glue

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Cyano 21 is a multi-purpose cyanoacrylate glue that creates a strong bond with materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and resin among others.

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Cyanoacrylate glue: The ultimate adhesive solution

In the world of adhesive solutions, one name stands out above the rest: cyanoacrylate glue. Whether for DIY enthusiasts, professionals, or those simply looking for a quick and efficient solution for home repairs, this type of glue has established itself as the number one choice.

Why choose our cyanoacrylate glue?

  • Superior adhesive strength: Cyanoacrylate is known for its ability to bond quickly with unmatched strength. Forget waiting hours or even days for something to adhere; with cyanoacrylate, the drying time is minimal.
  • Versatility: From plastics, ceramics, woods to metals, cyanoacrylate adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, ensuring a lasting bond.
  • Precise application: Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can ensure the application is precise, minimizing waste and maximizing efficacy.
  • Durability: Once something is glued with cyanoacrylate, you can be sure it will stay together. It’s resistant to water, extreme temperatures, and most chemicals.

Tips for use and storage

  • Clean surfaces: Make sure the surfaces to be glued are clean and dry.
  • Correct amount: A little cyanoacrylate usually does the trick. There’s no need to use excessively.
  • Storage: Store the container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

Modeling and cyanoacrylate glue: A perfect combination

Modeling requires precision and meticulous details. It’s a hobby that demands the highest quality tools and materials to ensure impeccable results. This is where cyanoacrylate glue comes into play.

The finishing touch for your creations

In modeling, every detail matters. Cyanoacrylate glue allows those details to stand out, ensuring each model remains intact and durable. Whether you’re recreating a historical battle or designing a fantasy scene, cyanoacrylate becomes an indispensable companion in the creative process.

Glue for resin figures

Resin figures, popular in hobbies such as modeling, miniature art, and jewelry-making, are known for their detailed level and ability to reproduce even the most intricate designs clearly. However, to assemble, repair, or customize these figures, the right glue is essential.

Why is cyanoacrylate ideal for resin figures?

The world of resin figures is broad and diverse, and each piece made from this material demands care and precision. Here, cyanoacrylate stands out as an unmatched companion for these delicate jobs. Facing the challenge of joining pieces or repairing minor breaks, the speed and reliability of cyanoacrylate are invaluable. It can hold everything in place without altering the original appearance, which is a significant advantage. Moreover, it’s not only useful for resin figures themselves but also when integrating them with other elements or materials. The cohesion this glue for resin figures offers ensures durability and strength in every project.

Techniques for gluing resin figures

  • Surface preparation: Before applying the glue, ensure surfaces are clean and free of dust or grease. Use a soft cloth or some isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.
  • Precise application: Use precision applicators or fine brushes to apply cyanoacrylate in specific areas. This offers more control over the amount and placement of the glue.
  • Light pressure: Once the glue for resin figures is applied, join the pieces, and apply consistent light pressure. This ensures a good bond and minimizes the appearance of air bubbles or pockets.
  • Beware of fingers: Cyanoacrylate dries quickly, making it easy to accidentally glue fingers together. Work cautiously, and consider wearing gloves.

Repairs and touch-ups

If a resin figure ever breaks or needs touch-ups, cyanoacrylate glue can be a lifesaver. Not only is it helpful for joining broken pieces, but when combined with fillers or powders, it can aid in reconstructing damaged or missing areas of the figure.

The role of cyanoacrylate in preserving resin figures

Resin figures are genuine works of art deserving the best tools and techniques available. With the right glue, care, and patience, these pieces can last a lifetime, standing out in detail and quality. Without a doubt, cyanoacrylate and resin figures are a winning combination in the world of modeling and beyond!

Cyano 21: The best multipurpose cyanoacrylate glue on the market

Are you looking for a high-performance cyanoacrylate glue that bonds firmly and quickly? Look no further! Cyano 21 is your definitive solution. Whether you’re repairing a figure, assembling models, joining pieces, or designing a stage, Cyano 21 is your reliable ally. Its versatility makes it the preferred choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

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