Kimera Kolors – Pure Pigments Acrylics Set

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The Kimera Kolors Set includes: 13 Pure Pigment Acrylics and 1 Satin Medium

30ml dropper bottles with flip-top cap, and agitator steel ball inside each pot.

High pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%, with a creamy consistency and matt finiture. They can be made satin by adding in the mix the satin medium included in the set.

Airbrush compatible paints.

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  • PW6 – Titanium White (Titanium Dioxide)
  • PBK7 – Carbon Black or Lamp Black (Amorphous carbon from soot)
  • PV23 – Violet (Dioxazine Violet)
  • PG7 – Phtalo Green (Phthalocyanine green – blue shade)
  • PB15.4 – Phthalo blue green shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
  • PB15.2 – Phthalo blue red shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
  • PR122 – Quinacridone magenta (Quinacridone)
  • PR170 – Red (Naphthol AS Red)
  • PR101 (130) – Red Oxide (Red iron oxide)
  • PY42 – Yellow Oxide (Yellow iron oxide)
  • PO34 – Orange (Pyrazolone Orange)
  • PY83 – Warm yellow (Diarylide Yellow HR)
  • PY151 – Cold yellow (Benzimidazolone Yellow)

At Big Child Creative we know the importance that Kimera Kolors paintings have had in our fantastic artistic world.

Kimera Kolors miniature paints stand out for their high quality, excellent texture and sharp colors. These characteristics have managed to create a good impression over the years and to be one of the most used miniature paints in the world.

They are, without a doubt, an excellent option for fans of miniature paintings.

Kimera Kolors 

Undoubtedly, this paint sets are the best you can buy during your artistic life. In addition, they are the most used paints for miniatures in the world due to the quality, variety of colors and unbeatable pigments.

Both expert artists and painting enthusiasts have at least one set among their materials. If your goal is to bring your miniatures to life, Kimera Kolors Miniature Paints are a great choice. The time has come to boost your creative side in all the figures you want. Don’t run out of your set!

Definitely, the Kimera Kolors sets are one of the best options we have for you to start giving color to your miniatures and action figures. Its pigments are of the highest quality, with sharp colors to leave an excellent finish on all the miniatures you paint.

Kimera Kolors pure pigment set

It’s important for every miniature fan to have a good set of pure pigment paint.

This way, you will be giving a more stylized finish to all your creations when painting with Kimera Kolors . Make your miniature more realistic, more aesthetic and more appealing to others.

In addition, it is a wonderful plus that every miniature painter should have so that his pieces look great. And that’s not all! With Kimera Kolors pure pigment set you can make your pieces look brighter, with a better finish and texture. Make incredible works of miniature with Kimera Kolors!

Another big reason to buy this brand is that you can cover the layer you want on your miniature with a single stroke of paint. You spend less time painting and, in addition, you save paint, which will allow you to make many more pieces. Remember to always give it your personal touch!

For these reasons, Kimera Kolors is one of the best paint brands with pure pigments worldwide. Now that you know all this information, what are you waiting for to buy your set?

Acrylic paints for miniatures

You can now buy Kimera Kolor at the best price in our online store. At Big Child Creatives we care about offering you the best tools to paint your miniatures at the best price.

Kimera Paints are paints that provide the artist with countless qualities so that they can give life and color to their creations. For this reason, it is a well-known brand in the artistic world and is everyone’s favorite worldwide.

Without a doubt, it has great qualities for all those who are dedicated to painting miniatures, since it contains a high concentration of pigment, it is easy to apply, the finishes are homogeneous, and they are also easy to mix. It is an excellent option if you want to make your pieces look professional.

Buy Kimera Kolors

Many of our experts and artists dedicated to the world of miniature paintings always recommend using high quality pigments. Therefore,  Kimera Kolors will always be the best option you have. They are very good tools when painting miniatures.

Always make your miniature figures different pieces with Kimera Kolors. Without a doubt, they will be spectacular and will attract the attention of all people. The perfect time to acquire them is right now! What are you waiting for?

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