Never without pigments set & essential brushes pack

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This pack includes:

Maestro Series 35 No. 0 Brush

Maestro Series 10 No. 2 Brush

Danilo Cartacci – Never Without de Kimera Kolors Signature Blend Pigments Set

The set includes 6 x 30ml dropper bottles with a flip-top cap and agitator steel ball inside each pot.

  • Cartacci Red
  • Caucasian Skintone
  • Golden Brown
  • Kiwi Brown
  • Samurai Green
  • Silver Grey

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Elevate your art with our miniature paint set

Discover the power of our miniature paint set, the ultimate kit designed to take your artistic projects to new heights. This comprehensive miniature painting kit features 6 dropper bottles, each containing 30 ml of paint, complete with flip-top caps and agitator steel balls inside. Alongside these essential tools, we provide two high-quality brushes, ensuring your miniature painting experience becomes a journey of precision and creativity.

Color diversity and easy application for miniatures 

Our miniature paint set boasts an exceptionally diverse color palette, tailor-made to express your creativity in every artistic detail. The 30 ml pigments offer an optimal concentration for achieving intense and brilliant tones in your miniature masterpieces. Moreover, our practical dropper bottle format ensures precise and controlled application, minimizing spills and paint wastage.

Innovation and functionality in each bottle for miniatures 

At the core of our miniature painting kit lies innovation and functionality, designed with artists in mind. The flip-top cap grants effortless access to the paint, eliminating worries about misplacing the lid. Furthermore, our agitator steel balls in each bottle guarantee seamless mixing with every shake, maintaining consistency and preventing pigment separation, resulting in a uniform texture.

High-quality brushes

Essential tools for artistic precision in miniatures

Our miniature painting kit understands the crucial role of high-quality brushes in achieving exceptional results. That’s why we have meticulously included two premium brushes. Experience the unmatched smoothness, durability, and precision in each stroke, allowing you to handle delicate details with ease and breathe life into your miniatures with astonishing realism.

Ergonomic design and durability for miniatures 

Our miniature paint set is thoughtfully designed for a comfortable and durable painting experience. The ergonomic handle ensures a perfect fit in your hand, granting complete control during extended creative sessions. Additionally, the high-quality bristles retain their shape, preventing hair loss and ensuring an extended lifespan for your brushes.

Unleash your creativity with cur miniature painting kit 

Our miniature paint set is the ultimate companion to unlock your imagination in the enchanting world of miniatures. With 6 dropper bottles of 30 ml paint each, featuring flip-top caps, and complemented by high-quality brushes, our miniature painting kit empowers you to express your creativity with precision and ease in your miniature projects.

Elevate your art to unparalleled levels of detail and perfection 

Discover the joy of creating impressive works and share your miniature masterpieces with the world. Order now and embark on an exhilarating artistic journey with our miniature painting kit. Your next miniature project is destined for greatness with our top-notch tools and vibrant color selection!

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