Scenery kit for Echoes of Camelot collection 75mm

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With Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur, in the front of the scene, we can complete our Camelot collection with this Scenery kit

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Ancient Britain lives in dark times, destined for an age of war and conflict. The pagan gods struggle not to die in oblivion in the face of the rise of a new religion. Arthur Pendragon, King, and Lord of Camelot find himself at a crossroads between love and honor, loyalty and his passions, the new faith and the old. Enter a timeless story, and live the Arthurian myth with his characters.

Product’s description
Scale model resin kit to assemble and paint. It requires glue and paint, not included in the kit. Specific tools for scale modeling and putty may be needed.

– Remove extra resin and get parts out from the sprues
– File easily the mold lines
– Check the fitting of the pieces and glue them
– Use putty if necessary to fill imperfections
– Prime the figure and start painting!

Discover our diorama kit: A resin adventure 

When it comes to detailing and perfecting small-scale art, a good diorama kit becomes essential. For all those passionate about modeling and fans of creating miniature scenes, we are excited to introduce our new and exclusive resin kit, specifically designed for scale figures that are ready to assemble and paint.

The power and elegance of a sword 

What really stands out in our diorama kit is the iconic sword in the middle. It’s not just a simple accessory; it’s a piece that tells a story. This sword, intricately molded in resin, adds a touch of magic and mystery to your scene, offering endless possibilities for your imagination. Imagine epic battles, brave knights, or sorcery tales; everything is possible with our central sword.

Easy to assemble, a pleasure to paint 

The best thing about our diorama kit is how easy it is to bring it to life. The pieces assemble intuitively and are perfect for both beginners and experienced modelers. And once everything is assembled, the true art begins. Painting these figures is a journey, and we provide the perfect palette for you to unleash your creativity.

The magic behind each kit 

Each diorama kit we offer is not just a set of pieces: it’s the result of hours of research, design, and passion for miniaturized art. Our team of designers and artists has ensured that every component of the kit reflects a standard of excellence, guaranteeing that each model you create is a genuine work of art.

Immersion in every detail

One of the charms of working with a diorama is the ability to immerse yourself in a miniature world. With our diorama kit, that world feels more real than ever. The textures, the details in the resin, and the precision in each figure are meticulously designed so that, once assembled and painted, your diorama transports anyone who observes it to a place of fantasy and adventure.

Inspiration around every corner 

Whether you’re looking to recreate a scene from your favorite book or movie, or you want to innovate and create your own narrative, our kit is the perfect starting point. The central sword, a distinctive element of this diorama kit, serves as a source of inspiration, evoking tales of valor, magic, and conquest. What story will you choose to tell?

Advantages of our diorama kit 

Choosing our diorama kit offers you multiple benefits:

  • Superior resin quality: Our diorama kit uses high-quality resin, ensuring a clean, sturdy, and long-lasting assembly. This premium quality ensures that pieces fit perfectly and stand the test of time.
  • Meticulous details: Each figure in the kit has been designed with an exceptional level of detail. This precision in modeling enhances the authenticity and vivacity of the scene, allowing each character and object to come to life.
  • Unique central sword: A distinctive feature of our kit is the sword located in the center. It’s not just an additional piece; it’s a focal point that invites creativity, inspiring tales of bravery, magic, and adventure.
  • Versatility of use: Designed with all modelers in mind, our diorama kit is suitable for both novices and experts. Its intuitive design makes assembly easy and allows each artist to adapt the diorama to their skill level.
  • Immersive artistic experience: Beyond being just a kit, we offer a complete experience. The opportunity to assemble, paint, and personalize each detail immerses you in an artistic journey, providing hours of entertainment and satisfaction.

A unique gift

Looking for the perfect gift for that friend or family member passionate about modeling? Our diorama kit is not only a gem for scale enthusiasts but also an experience in itself. Assembling, painting, and personalizing each detail is a journey that any art lover will appreciate.


Whether you’re new to the world of modeling or have years of experience, our diorama kit is designed to offer you hours of creative fun and an end result that is sure to be the centerpiece of any collection. We invite all artists and creators to discover the magic behind our resin kit and to get lost in the endless possibilities our central sword offers. Make your scale scene a masterpiece with our diorama kit!

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