Schmincke Aero Color Professional Basic & Aero Medium

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AERO COLOR® Professional stands for ideal working properties. They have a pleasant odour, are easy to use and can be used on most grease-free surfaces. All colours are ready for use. Due to their finest pigmentation, they can be used pure but can also be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (Art. No. 50602) or with water. All colours come in 28 ml jars.

A thinner that increases AERO COLOR® Professional’s adhesive properties. Increases resistance to wiping and water. Can be mixed with the colours as desired. Contains a dispersion of pure acrylate.

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  • 101 Supra-White opaque
  • 202 Primary Yellow
  • 302 Carmine
  • 304 Primary Magenta
  • 402 Ultramarine
  • 405 Primary Blue Cyan
  • 500 Phthalo Green
  • 602 Brown Brazil
  • 702 Black

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