Ugg the Troll

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Stormcoast Marauders
Fantasy Football Game Player

Scale 32mm
Produced in Bigchild Creatives high-quality resin
Unpainted model – Needs assembly

WARNING: This is not a toy. Recommended for ages 14 and over.

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Classic Round Base 35mm

Material: Lacquered DM

Height: 4 centimeters
Width: 3,5 centimeters
Base: 5 centimeters

Temporarily unavailable

Beach Bases, Round 32mm (x4)

These bases simulate with realism warm climates as well as beach seasonal habitats with sand and beach stuff.

This pack contains 4 round Battle Ready Bases 32mm wide in a beach theme for your Fantasy Football team.
Unpainted models.

Temporarily unavailable

Brushes Pack: Tiny Things / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

Da Vinci watercolor brushes

This pack includes:

– Maestro Series 35 No. 00 brush

– Maestro Series 10 No. 0 brush

The designation of Master of the Da Vinci Brushes is reserved for the highest quality hairs and tail length of Siberian Kolinsky red sable for Miniature Painting.

Brush of the highest quality and individually tested.

Temporarily unavailable

In stock

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Stormcoast Marauders
Because not everything is chopping and punching for business, sometimes you have to chop and punch for fun! Now and then when the seas are too hostile and there’s not much to loot to raid for, Captain Gorak takes his Black Sailors to the field so they can stretch their legs and beat the crap out of some sportsmen just to remind everyone to stay fearful of the Storm Coast Marauders. Are you up for a match?

Product’s description
Scale model resin kit to assemble and paint. It requires glue and paint, not included in the kit. Specific tools for scale modeling and putty may be needed.

– Remove extra resin and get parts out from the sprues
– File easily the mold lines
– Check the fitting of the pieces and glue them
– Use putty if necessary to fill imperfections
– Prime the figure and start painting!

Additional information

Weight0,11 kg

Classic Round Base 35mm

Weight0,04 kg

Beach Bases, Round 32mm (x4)

Weight0,100 kg

Brushes Pack: Tiny Things / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

Weight0,024 kg


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