Things to consider when choosing our brush for painting miniatures


Painting miniatures can be a powerful form of expression and creativity. One of the most important elements when it comes to painting miniatures is to choose the best brushes for miniature painting. These tools are essential both for the hobbyist who just wants to enjoy the hobby without too much complication, as well as for any artist who wants to create high-quality works of art. Brushes are as important as the paint we are going to use or the painter’s technique, as they can turn the experience into a pleasant moment or a real nightmare if, for example, the bristles constantly open every time we try to brushstroke.

We can find brushes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. From flat and angled brushes to round and drawing brushes, each type of brush has its own advantages and disadvantages. Artists can choose the appropriate brushes for their specific needs and painting techniques.

In addition to shape and size, it is also important to consider the material of the brushes. Brushes can be made of natural hair, such as marten or horsehair, or synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester. Each type of material offers different advantages. For example, synthetic brushes are cheaper and have harder and more durable bristles, while natural hair brushes are softer, hold water better, and stay sharper for longer.

Of course, it is important to properly care for the brushes to ensure their durability and optimal performance, especially those made of natural hair. After each use, it is important to carefully clean the brushes to prevent the paint from drying and damaging the bristles, especially in the area where the metal head of the brush joins the hair. If the paint dries in that area, the brush will start to deteriorate quickly. It is also important to store the brushes correctly, avoiding exposure to direct light and high temperatures.


Choosing the right brushes is essential for creating works of art. Artists often experiment with different types of brushes until they find those that suit their needs and painting style, and once they find a brand and type of brush they like, they usually use the same ones consistently.


In summary, brushes are an essential tool for any artist or hobbyist. From choosing the right quality, shape, and size to proper care and storage, it is important to pay attention to the choice of our brushes. At Big Child, we use and recommend Da Vinci brushes as they are an excellent choice for those who want to paint miniatures with precision and detail. These brushes are made with high-quality materials and offer great paint retention, making them ideal for meticulous work. Additionally, their ergonomic shape and smooth touch make them comfortable to use during long painting sessions. Da Vinci brushes come in different sizes and shapes, allowing the artist to select the appropriate brush for each detail of the miniature.


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