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Best miniature paint

One of the most important points of art, almost of any kind, and the name of the 3rd art; the paint. Paints are very important to all kinds of visual arts, and miniatures are no different. It’s time to learn about best miniature paints.

Paints are really important, the colors and their mixtures or effects, are a fundamental part of all visual artistic work. Especially in the case of miniatures, there are things in which it is different, but it is still extremely important.

Paint for miniatures, for example, has to be able to stand out despite the little space you have. If the miniature paint isn’t bright and creates contrasts, it doesn’t work the same way.

Colors and pigments are especially important in figure paints. Let’s dig deeper into it to get a better understanding about it.

What are the best miniature paints?

If you are looking to find the best paints for miniature painting, Schminke and Kimera are two brands that stand out from the rest. With high-quality pigment and reliable durability, these brands have been trusted by miniature painters around the world for their exceptional performance.

Schminke is known for its superior coverage and vibrant colors that don’t fade over time. Its specially formulated range of miniaturist paints gives your models a realistic look with minimal effort. The paint’s natural pigmentation also ensures excellent results when dry brushing or blending colors together.

Kimera provides a wide selection of paints specifically made for miniatures. Their paints are water-soluble and offer great opacity, allowing them to be used both on wet or dry surfaces. Additionally, the smooth and creamy consistency of Kimera paints make them perfect for achieving detailed brush strokes.

No matter what brand you choose, miniature painting can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With the best miniature paints in hand, your models will look more lifelike as well as last longer than ever before! So if you’re an aspiring miniaturist looking for great-quality paints to use on your projects, Schminke and Kimera are two brands that we highly recommend. Trust us – they won’t disappoint!

Characteristics of best miniature paint

Paint, being the 3rd art, is a very complex subject with many nuances, history, curiosities and more. This time we have to talk about the paint applied to miniatures.

While it’s not like they’re all that different, there are a lot of conventional painting techniques applicable to miniature painting, they just aren’t the same thing, after all. Miniature paints have certain special features.

Due to the characteristics of miniatures, miniature paints must meet certain special requirements.

One of the most important and most obvious is the fact that paints must have highly concentrated pigments. The concentration of the pigments in other types of art is also important, but it has a special value in the case of miniatures.

They require great pigmentation due to their size. Miniatures must stand out wherever they are, a conventional paint does not offer this opportunity to the figures.

Only figure paints have other features that are important to pay attention to.

Paint for miniatures figures

In this type of painting, a good, resistant and shiny finish is required. The main types of paints for this are acrylics, enamel, and lacquer.

Acrylic paint is characterized by being a water-based quick-drying paint. These types of paints are among the most used for miniatures nowadays. It is diluted with distilled water, alcohol or other compounds sold by the same paint company.

On the other hand, enamel paint is slow-drying and oil-based, so it can be mixed with other similar paints. Being oil-based, it requires certain strong solvents.

An advantage of enamel is that resin figure paints allow for more shine in their finish.

And finally, the lacquer paint that is used to add color bases or finishes. It is characterized by its high gloss and its adhesive capacity. The problem with lacquer paint is the fact that it requires very strong solvents, making it dangerous to use on certain materials.

What paints for miniatures should I buy?

The paints for figures that you buy will come depending on what effects you are looking for, and what you require in its finish.

It also depends on drying time, for example enamel paints take up to 24 hours to dry completely, in contrast to acrylic paints which take only 8 hours.

Although the most important thing is that the paint you choose has a high quality. Low-quality paints simply cannot give satisfactory effects. Miniature paints require high quality because miniatures painted with poor quality pigments always look dull and uninteresting.

What should a miniature paint set have?

Miniature paint sets typically come with several different colors that can complement each other. The different colors must be in the same package so that the user can mix them and result in different colors.

A set must have enough different colors. Miniatures can have several different colors and figure paints should meet this need.

Furthermore, if the paints are especially intended to give a particular effect, the colors must correspond to these effects. An example would be the Michal Pisarski – Non Metallic Metal set.

Another example is the case of the Pure Pigments Acrylics Set, it has a wide repertoire of colors and a satin finish which will help you give better effects on your miniatures.

Characteristics of best miniature paints

When it comes to paints, quality is defined by several factors, but there are 3 main ones. Best miniature paints must be able to mix correctly, have good quality pigments, and offer a good finish.

Poor quality mini paints have little pigment or don’t mix and eventually derive in finishes that don´t look like the original colors or fade quickly.

On the pigment side, a best paints ensure a good color and a good effect in the eyes of the beholder. The best pigments are long-lasting, express their color well, and mix well with other pigments.

It is also of the utmost importance that the paint can be mixed with others without problems, since this is vital in paint packages. The mixture must be able to give the exact tone that is sought and not leave stains of one or another tone in the final color.

Finally, the finish must be durable and of a high quality in miniature paints. The color must be stable, permanent. It must also maintain its shine and amount of pigment over time.

So best miniature paints require a combination of a good pigment that mixes well and is resistant to the passage of time. Specifically for miniatures the best thing is that the pigments are very concentrated. But the most important thing is that they give satisfactory results.

Where to buy paint for miniature figures

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