Miniature Terrain

Although it may not seem so at first glance, the
miniature terrain is a crucial part of the composition in the world of miniatures. A miniature without an environment, or at least something to give it a spatial context, will look unimportant and empty.

Therefore, the function of miniature terrain is to give more visual context and the ability for the viewer to understand it. You will be surprised at the many ways in which this represents an advantage.

Miniature plots can look like almost nothing, but as long as they fulfil their function as an element of visual support, nothing is lost. A character’s personality can often be magnified by a miniature terrain. Even the personality of a character can be given by the character itself.

That’s why, in our catalogue, we offer a wide variety of background accessories for your figures. You will be able to create epic, sad, happy or everyday scenes just by knowing how to use the different parts that make it up with whichever background you choose. You probably won’t even believe what you can achieve.

What is miniature terrain?

The miniature painting station is an area in which you can offer a staging of your characters. Although
miniature terrains are not capable of providing all the visual information with their limitations, they do a large part of it.

Even in their finiteness, miniature painting accessories are small but important details in miniatures. Just like the rest of the parts of the miniature, which together create a work of art worth appreciating. 

The importance of miniature terrain lies in the fact that it provides context and more personality, as well as visual value, to what would have been a poor and bland miniature without it.

But let’s go a little further, understanding every detail and formulating miniature painting ideas with our new knowledge. 

Miniature painting accessories

The setting of a miniature depends largely on the background or terrain under which it is placed. Orchestrating such scenes in their different facets and probabilities is not easy, but it leaves very satisfactory results.

Even a well-implemented miniature terrain can give the illusion that the figure is moving or doing something, despite being static.

The illusion that the miniature is moving, doing some activity and interacting with its environment is not easy to achieve but proves to be very satisfying. The harmony and synergy that can be created between a miniature and its small environment are beyond belief.

The environment and visual context are important parts of miniature terrain that definitely cannot be ignored. How do they go so far? They do it by tricking your mind and giving it the tools to let your imagination run wild.

The most important thing is the staging. Everything will come down to the pose of the miniature, the atmosphere and the cohesion between the two.

Miniature painting ideas

The pose of the miniature is extremely important to create the link between the miniature and its miniature terrain. The pose of a figure can be dynamic or not, but regardless of that, it must be able to convey something to the viewer.

With a good pose and some miniature painting accessories, the pose of the miniature will be part of the cohesion between it and its environment.

Miniature painting workstation

Besides the miniature, the environment itself must be able to do its part. A good environment will give the miniature the ability to come together without the two giving the feeling that they are on separate planes.

The environment in conjunction with the miniature is on a mission to make an exchange of elements that denote that they are not separated by anything. For example, by relating them to similar themes or objects.

For example, an ancient or Asian theme would go well with the BAMBOO RUINS, a miniature with a jungle.

A miniature painting station can be useful in these cases. Painting the miniature together with its small terrain will help to make them look more alike.

The hand-to-hand between environment and miniature

But the most important thing is that both the miniature and its miniature terrain are well linked through the scenery. In order for them two to work, it has to be well thought out.

What makes miniature terrain wonderful

The fact that terrain is capable of transmitting so much to us despite being in its condition of being, well, a terrain, tells us a lot about how great they are.

But what makes them even more wonderful is the fact that they can give freedom to our imagination. It’s easy to feel scared with the power they have to make us imagine without us even realising it.

The following examples are based on products such as Acrylic Mud Light Earth Ground and Treasure Island.

You see a miniature, it’s a pirate, the ground is made of sand. The pirate is dressed in jewellery and shiny metals, with several of these embedded in his skin. On the ground, there are miniature painting supplies such as small cups, gold nuggets, jewels, among other things. All this makes you daydream for a moment, but how?

Miniature painting station

Staging is one of the most important parts of matching a miniature with its respective miniature terrain. Getting the two to combine in such a way that they appear to be one scene, will prompt your mind to imagine what’s going on in that scene, whatever your age.

The setting helps the miniatures to be amazing and give us real visual gems, worthy of admiration. That’s the power of a good setting.

Where can I find miniature terrains? – Miniature painting supplies

Finally, with all that has been explained about
miniature terrains, I’m sure you will have been interested in them. If so, here’s the good news; you can find lots of different ones at Big Child!

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