Glue for Miniatures Set

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Instant Dry Glue + Activator for Cyanoacrylate + Debonder for Cyanoacrylate

Cyano 21 is a multi-purpose cyanoacrylate glue that creates a strong bond with materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and resin among others.

Activator is specially formulated to accelerate the curing time of cyanoacrylate glue. Jar 20mL.

This liquid solvent of Debonder allows modellers to eliminate those annoying traces of cyanoacrylate adhesive that remain on the surface after building.

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Super glue for miniatures is one of the basic tools for this type of project. A good miniature glue can define the durability of your creation, being an important element in both professional and non-professional applications. There are plenty to choose from.

There are many modeling and wargaming enthusiasts who have developed this hobby with a lot of dedication. The super glue for miniatures with cyanoacrylate as the main component  is indispensable for their projects.

Glue for miniatures

When making miniatures, saving and taking care of the small details is one of the best ways to add life to these projects. For this reason, it is awkward to get down to work and have traces of glue for miniatures between the pieces.

You could have created an amazing miniature if you had the right tools. Having the wrong glue can ruin your work, and most likely give it a very short life, as the pieces could separate.

A good glue for miniatures can make it easier for you to craft and embed fine details and provide you with stable figures. How can you create a good miniature if you stumble on the wrong glue?

Best glue for miniatures

Some people may not yet be able to see how important it is to have the best tools. We don’t have to wait for glue for miniatures to leave unpleasant traces or for small parts to fall off because of poor durability. 

Let’s avoid spoiling the effort made with unsuitable materials. If you are experimenting with miniatures and various figures, make sure you get the best glue for miniatures.

Super glue for miniatures

There are plenty of options on the market to choose from. Conventional super glue for miniatures is one of the options that, perhaps, many people took when starting their first projects in the creation of miniatures and figures.

Using glue that is really specialized in this task, can give us the firmness we need for a good job. We are going to explain a bit about the main and well-known options.

Super glue: This glue has almost universal use and can be found on some shelves in your house. It has a fast drying time of about 10 – 15 seconds. 

Thanks to the ability of cyanoacrylate to set in a short time, it helps a lot in the procedure. 

Plastic glue: Use it if you are only going to work with one plastic figure. These polystyrene glues are very solid and can hold firm, almost resembling welding effects.

PVA glue: Being a multipurpose glue, it can be used to fill gaps or cracks in the miniatures. It is not for joining parts, but can be used for small details and to save putty.

Cyanoacrylate glue and activator

Glues containing this component can be referred to as almost instantaneous, because of their fast-drying reaction. It is capable of bonding many types of materials and has thermal, chemical, and mechanical friction resistance.

You can count on this super glue for miniatures that are made of wood, plastic, porcelain, cork, rubber or leather. You have complete freedom without compromising its effectiveness.

The use of cyanoacrylate and activator is often used when it is to be used on cracked areas to fill and heal. It is important to add that, when using an activator, the area may fog up. This super glue for miniatures is quite versatile.

Which glues should I use for resin miniatures? 

You don’t have to go on a long and frustrating journey trying out every glue on the market and experimenting with which one works with the figures you want to make.

Cyanoacrylate glue for resin miniatures is ideal, as its solidification time is less than ten seconds. It is an effective method for making figures. 

It should not be exposed to high temperature changes, nor should it be exposed to torsion, and it is best to avoid washing the pieces with this type of glue.

On the other hand, epoxy glue is a very good option as well, as it is waterproof, dries quickly and can be painted over after drying. 

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