Morgana Le Fay 75mm

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75mm scale
Produced in Bigchild Creatives high-quality resin
Unpainted model – Needs assembly

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Small parts. Essential pointed components

Download assembly guide here

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5X5 Display Base

Material: Lacquered DM

Height: 5 centimeters
Width: 5 centimeters
Base: 6.7 centimeters

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Brushes Pack: Essentials / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

Da Vinci watercolor brushes

This pack includes: 
- Maestro Series 35 No. 0 brush
- Maestro Series 10 No. 2 brush

The designation of Master of the Da Vinci Brushes is reserved for the highest quality hairs and tail length of Siberian Kolinsky red sable for Miniature Painting.
Brush of the highest quality and individually tested.

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Kimera Kolors - Pure Pigments Acrylics Set

The Kimera Kolors Set includes: 13 Pure Pigment Acrylics and 1 Satin Medium

30ml dropper bottles with flip-top cap, and agitator steel ball inside each pot.

High pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%, with a creamy consistency and matt finiture. They can be made satin by adding in the mix the satin medium included in the set.

Airbrush compatible paints.

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Echoes of Camelot Artbook and painting guide

Echoes of Camelot: Arthurian Legends painting guide. An excellent guide that will provide you with knowledge of our miniature painting process, particularly around the figure of King Arthur and his Knights. Accompanied by magnificent tutorials from epic painters such as: Kryztof Kobalzich, Arnau Lázaro, Rubén Martinez, Marc Masclans and Michal Pisarski.

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Ancient Britain lives in dark times, destined for an age of war and conflict. The pagan gods struggle not to die in oblivion in the face of the rise of a new religion. Arthur Pendragon, King, and Lord of Camelot find himself at a crossroads between love and honor, loyalty and his passions, the new faith and the old. Enter a timeless story, and live the Arthurian myth with his characters.

Product’s description
Scale model resin kit to assemble and paint. It requires glue and paint, not included in the kit. Specific tools for scale modeling and putty may be needed.

– Remove extra resin and get parts out from the sprues
– File easily the mold lines
– Check the fitting of the pieces and glue them
– Use putty if necessary to fill imperfections
– Prime the figure and start painting!



Morgana Le Fay: Exploring the myth

Dive into the fascinating world of Morgana Le Fay, a central figure in Arthurian legends. This character, shrouded in mystery and magic, materializes in a stunning 75mm miniature from Big Child Creatives. This product offers a unique representation of Morgana, highlighting her role in the eternal struggle between old pagan beliefs and the emergence of new religions in ancient Britannia.

Design and art: Capturing the spirit of Morgana Le Fay

The Morgana Le Fay miniature stands out for its artistic design and meticulous modeling work. Every detail, from her piercing gaze to the delicate folds of her clothing, reflects the quality and commitment of Big Child Creatives to excellence. The choice of high-quality resin ensures durability and a finish that enhances the majesty of this iconic character.

An invitation to creativity: Assembly and customization

This Morgana Le Fay model is a rewarding challenge for model enthusiasts. It requires assembly and painting, allowing detail enthusiasts to unleash their creativity. This miniature is not only a collectible item but also a personal project that invites exploration and experimentation with painting and modeling techniques.

Practical guide for impeccable assembly

To ensure successful assembly and an impressive presentation of your Morgana Le Fay miniature, follow these practical tips:

  • Carefully prepare the pieces, removing any excess resin.
  • Gently sand the mold lines for a flawless finish.
  • Ensure that all pieces fit perfectly before proceeding to glue.
  • Use putty to correct imperfections, thus ensuring an aesthetically perfect figure.

Magic in every detail: High-quality resin

The material chosen for this figure is high-quality resin, carefully selected by Big Child Creatives. This choice is not random: resin provides a texture and level of detail that accurately captures every element of the design. From Morgana’s enigmatic expression to the subtlest elements of her attire, the resin enhances each aspect, offering modelers and painters an exceptional base for their work.

The challenge and reward of assembling Morgana Le Fay

Assembling the Morgana Le Fay figure is more than just a hobby; it’s a journey through skill and patience. This process is not only a test of assembly and painting skills but also an opportunity to deeply connect with the character and her story. By assembling and customizing this figure, enthusiasts can experience a unique connection with Arthurian legend, making assembly a truly rewarding experience.

Tips for painting and customizing your Morgana Le Fay

When it’s time to paint your Morgana Le Fay figure, consider the following tips:

  • Select a color palette that reflects your vision of the character, whether based on historical interpretations or your own creativity.
  • Experiment with shading and highlighting techniques to give the figure depth and realism.
  • Consider using metallic paints to highlight details like jewelry or adornments on her clothing, adding a touch of realism and magic.

Morgana Le Fay: A treasure for enthusiasts and collectors

Finally, working on this figure is more than creating a piece of art; it’s a journey of discovery. Each brushstroke and assembly decision reflects not only your skill as a modeler but also your personal interpretation. This figure becomes an expression of your artistic vision and your connection with a fascinating character. Through it, Morgana not only comes to life in your collection but also in your imagination and creativity.

The Morgana Le Fay miniature from Big Child Creatives is more than just a product: it’s a piece of art that captures the essence of one of the most enigmatic characters in Arthurian mythology. Ideal for collectors and modeling enthusiasts, this figure not only enriches your collection but also offers a unique experience of immersion in the world of magic, history, and legend. Add Morgana Le Fay to your collection and be captivated by her mystique and beauty.

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5X5 Display Base

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Brushes Pack: Essentials / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

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Kimera Kolors - Pure Pigments Acrylics Set

Weight1 kg
Dimensions18,5 × 18,5 × 5,5 cm

Echoes of Camelot Artbook and painting guide

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