Rashida 75mm

From: 42,35 incl.VAT (if applicable)

Scale 75mm
Produced in Bigchild Creatives high-quality resin
Unpainted model – Needs assembly

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Small parts. Essential pointed components


Concept art by Pedro Núñez
Sculpted by Alex Muñoz
Painted by Rubén Martínez

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5X5 Display Base

Material: Lacquered DM

Height: 5 centimeters
Width: 5 centimeters
Base: 6.7 centimeters

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Straight Bust Base

Material: Lacquered DM

Height: 6.5 centimeters
Width: 3.5 centimeters
Base: 3.5 centimeters

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Brushes Pack: Essentials / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

Da Vinci watercolor brushes

This pack includes: 
- Maestro Series 35 No. 0 brush
- Maestro Series 10 No. 2 brush

The designation of Master of the Da Vinci Brushes is reserved for the highest quality hairs and tail length of Siberian Kolinsky red sable for Miniature Painting.
Brush of the highest quality and individually tested.

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Kimera Kolors - Pure Pigments Acrylics Set

The Kimera Kolors Set includes: 13 Pure Pigment Acrylics and 1 Satin Medium

30ml dropper bottles with flip-top cap, and agitator steel ball inside each pot.

High pigment concentration ranging from 30% to 50%, with a creamy consistency and matt finiture. They can be made satin by adding in the mix the satin medium included in the set.

Airbrush compatible paints.

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A magnificent specific series of female 75mm figures and busts designed and produced at Bigchild Creatives, which arises to offer the public a type of figure that until now had not had much presence in the market. Songs of War is a line that presents characters who go beyond their femininity and stand out for their empowerment and for being warriors or forerunners of their generation.

Product’s description
Scale model resin kit to assemble and paint. It requires glue and paint, not included in the kit. Specific tools for scale modeling and putty may be needed.

– Remove extra resin and get parts out from the sprues
– File easily the mold lines
– Check the fitting of the pieces and glue them
– Use putty if necessary to fill imperfections
– Prime the figure and start painting!

Resin figures

Without a doubt, resin figures are a new way of giving meaning to the art you want to convey. Our goal is for you to have a new way of expressing yourself by bringing out your most creative side by painting and bringing these small collector’s works to life.

Best of all, a world of options opens up to you. On the one hand, you can place it anywhere to decorate your favorite places. On the other hand, you can represent an epic scene or battle by gathering several of our miniatures. In addition, the miniature terrains and the scenery that you can find in Big Child will help you to give the scene more realism.

We always want you to show your creative and artistic touch in each resin figure you paint.

Resin figures to paint: Why are Big Child figures so special?

The resin figures for painting are designed to homogeneously fix any acrylic paint. The materials and types of resins used to make our miniatures are of the highest quality, passing strict controls.

The Big Child figures are responsible for giving a different meaning to the miniatures. They are not only about striking figures, but they are unique works, empowered figures and with a story to show.

Without a doubt, our resin figures are more resistant. In addition, they are easy to take with you anywhere due to their light weight. Ideal for decorating your favorite spaces and places. You can’t stay without yours!

In Big Child you will find a variety of resin figures to paint. Discover the different miniatures and figures, each one will tell a different story. Do you want to give your hobby a new vision? Well, start painting our miniatures today and take a leap in quality in your works.

Action figures to paint: Start a new adventure!

Action figure painting is an artistic expression that includes originality and creativity in each piece that is presented. Well, their art is unique and the way they are represented reflects a history of combat or struggle that makes their characters unique.

Without a doubt, the epic figures and  action miniatures are the most recognized in the whole world. They tell unique and extraordinary stories, relive incredible moments in each fight and are a real wonder to paint. Hours and hours of entertainment await you ahead!

Best of all, with these figures to paint for adults, you can tell the story yourself. Use your own imagination with all our characters. The limit is set by you with the creativity you have.

In addition, the action miniatures are original and impressive pieces. You can use them to decorate your favorite places and give your spaces a different meaning without leaving aside your creativity. Or, to recreate epic battles by forming your own army.

Action figures transport you to your most creative side, they will bring out the child in you and above all, you will enjoy the entire painting process.

How to choose a resin figure to paint?

Resin figures, despite being easy to paint, can also have a certain degree of complexity depending on how angular they can be.

That said, for a beginner the ideal would be a piece that is smooth and with few angles so that they can gain experience and practice. So later you can go on to paint figures with a higher degree of complexity.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, the ideal is that you start with easy-to-paint pieces, as you gain experience and see that you are improving your technique, you will be able to advance to more complex figures to paint.

On the other hand, if you already have a certain level and experience when it comes to painting miniatures, advancing the level will be easier for you. For these profiles we already recommend resin figures with greater complexity and numbers of details.

For expert or more advanced users, we recommend any of our resin figures to paint. Anyone can be a great challenge and this is where you can play around with different miniature painting techniques or styles.

Additional information

Weight0,110 kg

5X5 Display Base

Weight0,11 kg

Straight Bust Base

Weight0,11 kg

Brushes Pack: Essentials / Da Vinci Maestro Series for Miniature Painting Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable

Weight0,024 kg

Kimera Kolors - Pure Pigments Acrylics Set

Weight1 kg
Dimensions18,5 × 18,5 × 5,5 cm


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