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What is a diorama and how do diorama figures bring it to life?

Miniature Painting
What is a diorama and how do diorama figures bring it to life? A diorama is a three-dimensional representation of a scene or situation, often presented in an enclosed environment and designed to provide a realistic or artistic perspective of an event, place, or concept. Dioramas are used in various…

How to clean the airbrush? The definitive guide

Miniature Painting
como limpiar tu aerografo
How to clean the airbrush? The definitive guide The airbrush is an essential tool for artists, makeup artists, and modelers. However, its proper functioning largely depends on its cleaning and maintenance. Have you ever wondered how to clean the airbrush effectively? Here we present a complete guide to ensure that…

How to paint a battle background for miniatures

HOW TO PAINT  A BATTLE BACKGROUND FOR MINIATURES   Today we bring you this excerpt from the process of the background painted by our head painter @rma_ruben_martinez for Katsumi, Sword of Dawn, the result is awesome! You can get the full tutorial by buying your Katsumi mini at (background…

Airbrush vs brush to paint miniatures: Which one is better?

Airbrush vs brush to paint miniatures The most commonly used tools for painting miniatures are the brush and the airbrush. Among figure painters, some prefer to use the airbrush and others prefer the conventional brush. If your favorite option is the airbrush and you want to know what the best…

Top 4 best display bases for miniatures of 2023 [For less than 20€]

Best display bases for miniatures Are you a fan of miniatures? Would you like to make a quality leap in all your work? If so, then you’ll love this top 4 of the best display bases for miniatures. With them you will improve the style and setting of all your…





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