In the world of miniatures, different things are valued than in most of the arts. The bases are a way in which the figures, especially the busts, stand out among others. To learn more about bases for figures and everything they have to offer us, here you will find all the information about the bases.

Although bases for figures do not stand out much on their own, are made to glorify and give stability to our miniatures. This is especially important in miniatures, since their main mission is to stand out despite their small size.

Due to its importance and its ability to improve the visual aspect, the bases are a detail that should be held in higher esteem. In addition to the fact that they are what supports our figures, what gives them stability.

It is time to give them the position they deserve. There is more to miniature bases than meets the eye.

Bases for figures

They are the base of our figures, that on which the miniature that decorates our space and that has great value stands. Knowing them better gives us the opportunity to open our eyes and appreciate their simple beauty.

The bases are small solid bases on which the miniatures are governed. Usually black, its main function is to offer support to our figures.

There are also, for example, wooden bases for figures such as the Olive Wood Bust Base.

But, although it sounds simple, the bases are more than that. It is time to delve into the value of the bases.

What are miniature bases used for?

Bases for miniatures are details that are not usually noticeable at first glance, but are of great value. The bases of our miniatures matter, and deserve recognition.

The 3 most important points about miniature bases are: the fact that they are, in effect, the base, the fact that they give stability to the figure and the fact that they are an element that enhances the visual sense of the miniature.

Without these 3 sections, the miniatures would not be the same and would not stand out as much as they do.

The pillar of your figures

The pillar of your figures, both in a literal and philosophical sense, are the bases. When we talk about the meaning that a miniature takes when it is placed on its pedestal, we refer to the meaning that lies behind it.

Appreciating the fact that the bases for figures give them a certain epic touch, implying that it is important that they are on something, gives more meaning to the existence of these bases.

This has to do with the fact that what the base is doing is supporting, safeguarding and exalting our miniature.

The stability of your miniatures

More logically, the bases are the simple support of our figures. In a more material sense, without a base our figure would not be able to stay in the correct position to shine.

They are also there to ensure that they will not fall off, especially when it comes to busts, there is no better way to ensure their stability.

It will enhance the visual effect of your figure

Think it over. Is there really a need for a clearly visible pillar supporting the miniature? The answer is no, you don’t really need to see the base. The bases for minis could simply be covered with something better, but why not?

We will find the answer in the fact that in reality the base is part of the very visual narrative of the figure. The base, the plinth, the pillar that supports the miniature is in fact part of what the original artist wanted to convey when designing.

The level of ethics that a character, a scene, with its expressions, characteristics and personality, handles on a pillar is quite remarkable. The point of the base being perfectly visible is that, by showing a character in a scenic pose, the base shows this as something important.

Therefore, bases for figures have the mission of giving importance to what the miniature is and wants to convey. Without a pillar to stand on, the figures would look dull and would not have the same meaning.

Types of bases for figures

There are a thousand types of bases with a thousand different meanings and a thousand different figures in which they fit, so naming them all is impossible. However, in our store we have 3 types of bases, with the different characteristics of each base, one thing or another can be achieved.

The 3 types of bases are the classic bases for busts, the lacquered MDF base and the olive wood base. All 3 have their own personality and something to offer.

The classic bases are bases for figures that are divided into 2 categories, there are some with a base (such as the Classic Bust Base) and others without a base (such as the Straight Bust Base). Both bases are made to support the busts, thus giving them status and importance.

The lacquered MDF base is a smaller and wider base than the previous ones, it is made to keep the miniature safe. With its small stature and width it becomes a solid and resistant base for all kinds of figures.

Wooden bases for figures

On the other hand, the olive wood base is a base that stands out for its personality and grace, giving the miniatures on top of it a majestic look. The Olive Wood Bust Base is one of the wooden figure bases included here.

Where to buy the best bases for figures

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