Best brushes for miniature painting

Best brushes for miniature painting

Brushes are wonderful tools. They are one of the tools of almost any artistic work, without which not much could be done. Miniature brushes are no exception, and it’s time you get to know them.

In this category you will find a varied number of special brushes for figures, and even combos and offers with which you will surely be amazed. Variety is always good, each brush is made to fulfill its specific function and achieve better results.

The characteristics of the different brushes may confuse you, we will explain what they are, how they work and how to use them in the text below; among other things.

We are inviting you to learn more about art through just one of its many tools. By understanding figure brushes in more depth, you will get a better idea of the miniature worlds and everything they have to offer us.

Miniature Painting Brushes – How are they different from conventional ones?

To begin with, is there really a difference between the brushes used to paint miniatures and conventional brushes? The answer is yes, it exists and it is very remarkable. Just its name hints out the first difference, this type of brushes are made especially for painting figures.

Common brushes, which most of us are familiar with and use for 3D art, are not suitable for painting miniatures. Not even the smallest conventional brushes have a place in the world of figures. Why? The problem is that they are not specialized for it, unlike miniature brushes.

The difference is that the brushes used for the figures are specifically designed for them. The smaller conventional brushes do not have this specialization. Common brushes don’t have the same utility for miniatures.

If we go a little further, it’s not just about smaller brushes or less ability to absorb paint, there are more things to take into account. This is where the physics apply, the figures require specialized tools due to being smaller, and their particular shapes .

What size brushes for miniature painting

The brushes for minis that professionals use have a special size in addition to special shapes. The tips of the brushes used in this type of painting have particular diameters to match the needs of the miniatures. We are going to demonstrate it with the following example:

The Maestro watercolor brush, flat Brush SERIES 1301 No. 2 is a brush with a square, flat tip. The diameter of its bristles is 9.00 mm and with a total width of 2.7 mm.

Unlike the MAESTRO SERIES 10 NO. 3 whose bristles are 14mm and the widest point of its brush is 2.05mm.

Miniature geometry

Miniatures are small sized statuettes. The term “figure” illustrates this best. The figures have the peculiarity that, due to their size and geometry, have more things in smaller spaces. It is important to take this into account when painting.

Brushes for miniatures need to adapt to the different conditions offered by the figure´s relief. In order to achieve this, they must have a small size, and certain special shapes for miniature painting.

To simplify, if we want to paint the eye of a statue of normal size, with normal brushes this will not be a big problem. With a conventional brush you can paint the different parts of a bust of normal size without much problem due to its size and the space available accordingly.

This is very different for miniatures. To paint miniatures correctly, it is necessary that the brush has a smaller size, and that it has the correct shape to paint the different parts of the figure.

That is the main difference. The structure, relief and size of a miniature prevents a conventional brush from really doing its job well. But just like conventional brushes, figure brushes have different types of tips.

What types of tips are there?

Brushes come in a variety of shapes, although the brushes used in miniatures rarely do, they also have their own specialities.

The most common tips are 3, the fine tip, the circular tip and the flat tip. Each one serves a different part of the miniature, and they work in their own way.

Fine Point Brushes are clearly made for miniature brushes. They are similar to round brushes, the difference is that they are much thinner and shorter. They are made especially for details.

On the other hand, circular tip brushes are the most conventional. These have the particularity that they tend to keep paint between their filaments, so the amount of paint applied will depend on the pressure exerted.

Things are different with flat tip brushes, they are square and with fewer bristles. They are made for precise painting of large areas or details by laying them diagonally.

What are the best miniature painting brushes?

Normally, the quality of a product is measured in 2 main factors, the quality of its components and the cohesion between them in relation to their function. This is no different for figure brushes.

As much as a bicycle is made with high quality materials, it will not serve any purpose if it is not built intelligently. Cohesion and functionality are vital.

The best brushes in the art of miniature painting must have the best materials, but in addition to that, these materials must work together to achieve their goal.

Professional Miniature Brushes

For this reason, professionals use only brushes for minis that meet the 2 characteristics mentioned above. These can easily be found in the Big Child Creatives store.

Beginner brushes for miniature painting

It may not seem like there’s much of a difference from the 3rd art, painting, when we want to paint miniatures, but there are a few tricks to it. The most important thing when painting miniatures is precisely the details, to which you must pay great attention.

Nothing more important in a miniature than its details, the brushes for minis used by professionals are specialized for it and can be found here.

Detail is everything in a miniature , with their small size miniature brushes are forced to adapt to the different shapes and specialties they have to take in order to successfully paint a miniature.

Although not all the magic of painting miniatures is found in the brush, the brush is still the tool through which the best results are achieved. The technique to paint miniatures will depend on the type of miniature, the brush and the paint.

The main thing to keep in mind is the fact that the miniature itself will require a certain type of technique, which will depend on the colors to be applied and the effect it requires. The different brushes are used for different types of miniatures and the paint will add the finishing touch through its visual power.

Where to buy miniature brushes

After all you’ve learned about figure brushes you may be intrigued to know where to find the best of the best, here’s the answer.

In case you want high quality brushes to paint your miniatures, you will get the best ones with the best offers in Big Child.

Buying miniature brushes from our store is already incredible, but buying these types of brushes with the great offers we have is something you cannot miss out on.